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Don't just take my word for it, take a look at what others are saying about 5w coaching.


Being able to workout with Weilin is one of the best decisions I made. He is someone that will always bring out the best in you. Weilin will treat everyone he encounters with the most respect and pays attention to every small detail when you are working out. It's tough to find personal trainers that are passionate about their career; however, Weilin's passion and desire to become the best personal trainer sets him apart from everyone else. His views and emphasis on training, nutrition, sleep, and recovery will quickly transform you for the better you when you begin your fitness journey. He is by far the hardest working individual I have met, and it will show when he becomes your trainer.

Danny Le Podcast Host

My name is Travis and I am a fitness enthusiast. I enjoy having good flexibility and looking physically fit. I remember coming to Weilin with my goals to gain weight, round out my glutes, and get more upper body definition. He was amazing in curating a workout block that fit my needs and my wants. I began to see my body change. Certain pants don’t fit as they used to which is a good thing. It shows the progress. I am a few workout blocks in and I love how they have varied over time. It gives me something to look forward to. Not only a great trainer but a great colleague.

Travis Wright Film/Creative Director

Thanks for your help, motivation, investment, and dedication to helping me better myself (and giving me an excuse to buy new clothes)! You have quickly turned from my coach to a friend, and I cannot thank you enough! Make sure you guys hit Weilin up for meal plans, workout plans, and private training. He's the BESt at helping you chase your potential!

Alexis Lopez Esthetician/Trainer

My biggest goal was to make working out a habit and not a chore, and Weilin has managed to do that. It's been 6 months and I've enjoyed every week of it. He's great at keeping all the workouts fresh and definitely pushing me to get the most out of each session. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone at any level who is ready to make a commitment to a healthier self.

Cintia Wasylec Super Dope Soccer Mom

Weilin has been a great motivator and inspiration for healthy living for me. He's not only a good trainer/workout buddy but also pushes me to make healthier life choices. We had early morning workouts starting at 6 AM/8 AM, depending on the day. I am typically not a morning person, but meeting him pushed me to get up and out to the gym first thing, which also helped me set my mood and productivity for the rest of my day! He made sure that the workouts he had for me catered to my needs, and made great recommendations for healthy food options. His nutrition and macros knowledge has made me aware of all the junk I shouldn't be eating as often and the benefits of portioning my food as well. Overall, Weilin has been a significant influence in actually making and wanting to make healthy choices.

Yuuka Ikeshita Technology Analyst

Weilin is a mentor, personal trainer, nutritionist, motivation speaker and friend all in one. His coaching method is personalized to your body needs, your weaknesses, and strengths. He focuses on not only building strength and endurance, but also on creating a new lifestyle. Since I started training with him, I have shifted my diet to a healthier one and started looking at my workout routine in a different way. Because of him, I can also name a ton of muscles and how each exercise affects them. He keeps myself accountable and never fails to reinforce the importance to exponential growth. Results don't come overnight, but experiencing growth overtime is just priceless. Hard work pays off, and if you're looking to get tougher mentality and physically, don't miss out on Weilin.

Marina Bisinotto Melo Student Marketeer

Consistency with going to the gym can be very challenging, especially with other demanding responsibilities that someone might have. I finally found someone to push me to stay consistent, motivated, and excited about my workouts! Weilin doesn't only push you and motivates you to go to the gym, but he also uses what I like to call the "buddy" approach where you feel like you're training.

Luna Awad Associate Consultant

Training with Weilin has been such an awesome experience. During my time with him, he continuously challenged and pushed me to be the best version of myself. He is hands down the most motivated person I know, and he loves to pour that into his clients. He has an incredible knowledge about the art of healthy living and shares that experience during workouts to make them more fun and informative. Weilin was very intent on finding out my personal goals from the start. From there, he was able to personalize each workout session to tailor towards those goals. My biggest takeaway from Weilin is that mental fitness is just as necessary as physical fitness. One must not neglect one or the other to reach out ideal self. I would 100% recommend him to anybody.

Ana Salinas Financial Analyst

I have worked out with Weilin several times throughout the year, and I can confirm this man is the real deal. You will never get less than what you have asked for. Having him as a trainer/friend/life coach, I realize that everything he says and does is a way to motivate and inspire the people around him. Weilin is a great person, and you will have to test yourself to see if I am lying.

Alex Wong Investor Services

I have been under his wing transforming my body & mind for the past 2 and half months and I can say that I have learned so much, not only has he taught me from previous experience but he also is up to date on the current information in regards to being healthy from diet and exercise changes. I absolutely love working out with him, he doesn't just train you, he also gets to know you and that shows he cares about what he does and he has his clients beset interest in heart. I often asks lots of questions and he's never not answered them. If he doesn't know the answer or never heard of something I'm asking about he will say "let me do some research and I'll get back with you." He ALWAYS gets back with me. He's polite, charismatic, energetic, and a great motivator. My first time having a trainer and I am absolutely grateful that we crossed paths at Blink and he is helping me on my fitness journey.

Antoinette Holmes Home Services