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Powerlifting Coaching

powerlifting coaching

At 5W Coaching, we have one option when it comes to our powerlifting services, and that is our comprehensive individualized programming and coaching. We highly prioritize individualization and communication amongst our coaches and athletes. We believe that a weekly commitment would yield the best results and create the best environment for both parties.

We work with a wide variety of athletes from beginners to national level competitors and focus on collaboration and connection built with those athletes.

Coaching to us is an evaluation and analysis of technique, individualization of exercise selection to create optimal movement patterns to produce the most force, and regulation of training volume & intensity on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

With 5W Coaching, everything is built from the ground up and tailored to your needs to help you achieve excellence on and off the platform.

what you can expect

  • Continuous program adjustments on a daily and weekly basis
  • A coach who cares about your experience, performance, and health
  • A coach who delivers programs on time and responds on a timely manner
  • Detailed training plans based on principles that work and fit your schedule, needs, and goals
  • Programming through Google Sheets, which can be accessed and edited by the Coach and Athlete at any time


  • Access to exclusive 5W Coaching merchandises and gears
  • Unlimited 24/7 communication through our Instagram coaching page
  • Video analysis and technique feedback through our Instagram coaching page
  • Private group chat to network with other team members and share experience
  • Access to Coach Weilin’s private training facility with world-class competition equipment
  • Competition day planning (attempt selection, warmups, weight-cutting strategy (if needed), food and hydration recommendations, and free meet day handling if within Illinois)


  • The monthly cost is $150 per month, billed on the same day of each month.